About the CNDA

The College

The province of Alberta regulates several health professions. Naturopathic doctors are granted the privilege of self-regulation, as outlined in the Health Professions Act (HPA). Under the HPA, health professions are organized into regulatory bodies, called colleges.

The HPA requires that these regulatory colleges:

  • Set registration requirements (including required education, practical training, and examinations
  • Identify services provided by regulated members, setting standards for professional practice;
  • Set continuing competency requirements; and ;
  • Investigate complaints about regulated members and imposing disciplinary actions if required.

The College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta includes an elected Council and various committees, including the Executive Committee, Registration Committee, Complaints Review Committee and the Competence Committee.

College Bylaws

Section 132 of the HPA provides that each college may make Bylaws with respect to various aspects of College functions. 

CNDA Bylaws

Annual Reports

Section 4(1) of the HPA provides that each college must submit to the Minister an annual report. 

CNDA 2017 Annual Report

CNDA 2018 Annual Report

CNDA 2019 Annual Report