Legislation & Standards

Governance under the Health Professions Act

The province of Alberta regulates 29 health professions. Along with the other regulated health care professions in Alberta, naturopathic doctors are granted the privilege of self-regulation, as outlined in the Health Professions Act (HPA). Under the HPA, health professions are organized into regulatory bodies, called colleges.

The HPA requires that these regulatory colleges:

  • Set registration requirements (including required education, practical training, and examinations)
  • Set standards for professional practice;
  • Set continuing competency requirements; and ;
  • Investigate complaints about regulated members and imposing disciplinary actions if required.

Under Schedule 14 of the HPA, naturopathic doctors are governed by the Naturopaths Profession Regulations. This is the guiding document by which the College regulates naturopathic doctors in Alberta, including registration, restricted activities and continuing competence.

Standards and Code of Ethics

As provided for in the Section 3(1)(c) and 3(1)(d) of the Health Professions Actthe College must establish, maintain and enforce a code of ethics and standards of practice for naturopathic doctors.

Code of Ethics

CNDA Standard of Practice: General

CNDA Standard of Practice: Advertising and Marketing

CNDA Standard of Practice: Clean Needle Technique

CNDA Standard of Practice: Collaboration in Patient Care

CNDA Standard of Practice: Communication about Vaccinations

CNDA Standard of Practice: Selling