Members FAQs

How do I register as a naturopathic doctor in Alberta?

New members may apply through our online registration system. Please refer to our Registration section for more information.

What is a competence cycle?

The CNDA has a two-year competence cycle. All continuing competence credit requirements reset with every two year cycle. The competence cycle begins on January 1st of an odd year and concludes on December 31st of an even year. 

What is a competence program?

In Alberta, naturopathic doctors are granted the privilege of self-regulation and professional autonomy outlined in the Health Professions Act. As such, it means a regulated naturopathic doctor

  • must have met the educational requirements and have demonstrated entry-to-practice competencies;
  • are legally responsible and accountable for their work; and
  • are directly responsible to the public and your health care colleagues for maintaining professional competence.

Patients have the right to assume that a health care provider`s practice permit ensures current professional competence. Health care colleagues want assurance that those with whom they practice are current and competent. For these reasons, the Health Professions Act requires Council to develop and implement a continuing competence program to ensure that their members fulfill their professional responsibility of maintaining competence.

What is CNDA's Continuing Competence Program?

The CNDA requires that naturopathic doctors complete 40 continuing competence hours every two years, maintain their CPR (HCP with AED) every two years and a medical emergency refresher course every four years, should their practice permit require it.

Additionally, members are also required to participate in the CNDA Practice Visit Program. The Practice Visit Program emphasizes directed support so that naturopathic doctors provide competent and safe care to their patients.